Katie Jones : Knitwear Designer


We had a visit at PCA last week from the charismatic Katie Jones who recently graduated with an MA from Central St Martins.  She brought lots of her wonderful colourful pieces with her as well as two monochrome dresses from her MA.

 lr2  LR4  lr3

Katie works as a freelance knitwear artist and has worked with Mark Fast for several years.  She also interned at John Galliano in Paris, Diane Von Furstenberg in New York and, Romance was Born in Australia.  She has recently shown a crochet collection at Brighton Fashion Week 2013.


Katie has a really colourful personality and is a wonderful, informative speaker. One of the things that I particularly connected with is her use of yarns (and scraps of yarns) given to her by her mother and grandmother who also knit.  I have boxes full of fabric from my own mother and grandmother and things I have sewn from these have a special, personal quality.  I’m sure Katie feels the same.

Have a look at Katie’s inspirational blog:


Knitting and sewing skills are definitely on the increase so lets not let those skills fade away.


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