Summer Sewing : Shorts SOS

Like most dressmakers I hate alterations but occasionally I get the opportunity to be creative while fixing a problem.

These are my daughter’s favorite Hollister shorts with their cute rips and frays but unfortunately one of the frays had become an unintentional rip and they were no longer wearable.

PicMonkey Collage7

I decided to make a crochet patch to keep the rip together and using cream crochet cotton with a 4mm hook I made a square of trebles with a 3 chain scalloped edge.


The patch placed on top of the shorts looked too heavy so I pinned in behind the rip and hand stitched around the square and then along the edges of the rip to secure the edges.  Here it is before I pressed it, you can see the outline of the patch at this stage.

Sewing SOS Crochet added to Denim Jeans from Lisa Robins at

Here are the shorts which she put on within two minutes of me finishing them.  You can see the patch is now no longer noticeable.


The only problem is she likes the ease it gives in the leg so tonight I have to create a rip and make another patch for the other leg!!


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