Complimentary Studies : JFK Essay

As part of our first year we had to choose a subject for our Complimentary Studies module.  We had a huge choice ranging from underwater photography to corsetry.   I chose “Language is a Virus” because it sounded interesting and I knew the tutor from Contextual Studies lectures during my Level 0 year at PCA.

I thought I would share some of the projects with you.

We were all given the subject of JFK’s assassination and had to write a short essay in a given genre.  Mine was Romantic Novel – not an easy task given the subject – and this is what I submitted.


Jackie was jolted out of her reverie by the voice of the captain of Air Force One announcing their descent into Love Field airport in Dallas.  Had she fallen asleep or was she just daydreaming?  She couldn’t be sure.  She felt the ever present weight of grief slip over her like a heavy cloak.  As usual it took a moment for her to remember why.  And then it all came flooding back.  Remembering her little baby boy who came too early into this world and was taken all too soon.   Three months was too short a time to grieve but she understood her duties as a public figure and would do what was required of her.

She looked across at her husband, Jack, who was still engrossed in paperwork.  She was so proud of him.  Just then he looked up and caught her gaze.  He smiled and, as usual, his smile caused her heart to skip a beat.

It was his smile that caught her attention the very first time she saw him.  She was at a dinner party arranged by her dear friend Charlie.  She had worn a new dress, pale blue with a beaded bodice and was in a happy mood.  She enjoyed her job at the paper and John, her fiancé was very attentive.  He had a prior engagement this evening but she knew a lot of the people invited to the dinner party so was not worried about attending on her own.

She was running slightly late so most people were already at Charlie’s house when she arrived. She was welcomed warmly by Charlie’s wife Josie, a maid took her wrap and a waiter offered her a glass of champagne which she took gratefully.  Sipping the ice cold bubbles she looked around at the guests.

Suddenly Charlie appeared beside her, took her arm and said there was someone he wanted to introduce her to.  Was there a little glint in his eye or was that something her imagination had made up with the benefit of hindsight? She’ll never know.  Charlie guided her across the room to a group of people having what looked like a heated debate.  Charlie touched the arm of a man standing with his back to her and said “Jack, sorry to interrupt but there is someone I’d like you to meet”.  The man turned, looked directly into her eyes and smiled.   Her heart skipped a beat and she knew that love at first sight really did exist.

Jackie smoothed down her pink skirt and clipped up her seat belt.  She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as the plane bumped down onto the tarmac.

There was so much to be thankful for.  She was with the man she loved who was loved by the American public and the people of Dallas were out in their thousands to welcome them.  Today was going to be a good day ….



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