Summer Crochet : Ripple Blanket

I’ve been wanting to make a ripple blanket for some time so I decided this summer would be the perfect opportunity and here is what I made.

Ripple Blanket from Lisa Robins at

I used Stylecraft Acrylic chunky yarn with a 6mm crochet hook.  For a full sized single blanket and two cushion covers (still unfinished!!) I needed 20 x 100g balls.  I buy all my yarn and a lot of haberdashery at my amazing local wool warehouse, Busy Fingers in Saltash.  If you can’t get there they have a web site:

I used this tutorial on YouTube to get me started,  I would recommend it, especially if you are a beginner:

For my blanket I cast on 120 chain plus 3 turning chain and crocheted each colour for two rows with a total of 46 rows (so I could finish with the same colour that I started with). I decided not to straighten up the top and bottom but did add a border.  I made the border up as I went along – this is what I did (UK crochet terms):

Row 1: [Sides only] Two treble crochet in each row using the same colour as the first and last stripe.

Row 2: [All the way round] One double crochet in each treble crochet in a contrasting colour.

Row 3: [All the way round] Contrast scallop edge as follows:  *Double crochet, miss two trebles, 5 trebles into next treble, miss two trebles* Repeat


Since I’ve made it it’s been very well used so I’m glad it’s a good quality washable acrylic.

PicMonkey Collage ripple


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