Competition Entry : Colony Clothing

As part of our degree we are encouraged to enter national and international competitions.

Last year the college collaborated with Colony, a vintage clothing store in Totnes, Devon.  This was a group project to pitch a proposal to increase the online presence of the store.


We divided up the work and I was given the task of exploring the world of social media and how it can increase awareness of a small, local business and, more importantly, give credibility to a business which in turn promotes customer confidence when ordering goods online.

Specifically I looked at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Snapchat.

According to PayPal “Social networks and blogs allow people to form connections with other users and brands, and to share messages, news, videos, photos, music, and ideas. Sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are some of the most talked about, and most visited destinations on the web.

As a website owner, social media offers an opportunity to connect and interact with your customers, promote your brand, and drive traffic to your site. Getting involved in social media can also create a more human face to your business and be fun at the same time.”

Rebecca Wardlow of Social Solultions says “Using social media small businesses can connect with prospects and customers like never before.  Social media offers you the most affordable way to create two-way conversations with your audience , helping you build trust and credibility.  When used correctly, social media can help your business relate with customers and prospects, increase customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.”

We also had to research customer profiles, design a website with attached blog, suggest blog topics, look at other ways to sell online such as ASOS Marketplace, Etsy and eBay and look at Colony’s competitors.

These are the boards we prepared for our presentation.

SAM_6325 SAM_6332 SAM_6334 SAM_6337





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