Crochet Classes

Oh, poor, neglected blog!  Since Christmas I have been so busy with my degree and all the other ‘stuff’ that us mature students have to deal with that I’ve completely abandoned this blog. I follow lots of blogs and I know how frustrating it is when someone hasn’t updated their blog for ages. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that they have lives outside their virtual world.

One thing I have been doing teaching crochet classes for beginners as a volunteer to raise money for a local charity Shekinah Mission in Plymouth. It’s an amazing charity involved with young adults and they help exactly the people I would like to work with after I qualify. From their website:

Shekinah is based in Devon and helps a wide range of adults, young offenders and ex-offenders in Plymouth, Torbay and South Devon. Shekinah tackles the complex issues of homelessness, substance misuse and social exclusion with its non-judgmental, holistic and integrated approach. Shekinah offers accommodation for the homeless in Torbay and a Drop-In Centre for the homeless in Plymouth. In addition Shekinah offers a wealth of support through its comprehensive education, training and employment programmes.

I would really like to get involved with the programme but in the meantime they offered me a meeting with a lovely lady, Wendy, who runs their vintage shop and together we came up with the idea of teaching crochet as a way to raise money. The shop is closed at the moment as they have moved to new premises but up until a few weeks ago I was taking two classes each week and having such a great time passing on my passion for crochet.



Here are some pictures from the last class before Christmas.  I popped into a wool shop a few days before the class for one ball of yarn and ended up being seduced by all the lovely Christmas yarns.

The eagle eyed among you might spot the beginnings of a Christmas blanket (on top of my chunky ripple cushion cover).  I started it full of great intentions to keep up with Attic24’s CAL but failed spectacularly.  I’m determined to make it in time for this Christmas though! Here is a link to Attic24’s post which inspired me to make the blanket buy the wool.



With all this beautiful weather I certainly don’t want to think about Christmas yet, but later in the year I’ll write a post on Christmas yarn and all the lovely things you can make with it.




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