Katie’s Blanket

The real reason I went to the wool shop yesterday was not to buy the 3 new Stylecraft Special DK colours but to pick up some yarn to make a test square for my daughter’s blanket.  She chose the colours and the design herself and I think it’s going to be really pretty.


The yarn is Stylecraft Special Chunky in White, Lavender, Aspen and Fondant – don’t you just love the names and I think the combination is just lovely.

I knew they reminded me of something and when I went into the garden I saw these flowers – beautiful pink dicentra (commonly known as bleeding heart) underplanted with bluebells surrounded by all the lush green spring growth.  You can’t beat pink and purple.


And in the latest Avon catalogue, which came today, I saw these nail varnishes.  Lovely.


The pattern she has chosen is popcorn flower.  As always it’s hard to find out where patterns originated by I first saw it on YouTube here.

I started with the centre colours.


Then added the white.  Excuse the picture, I couldn’t stop it overexposing.


Finally the green border.


I’m planning on using the join as you go method but having never tried it before I’m not convinced I’ll like it, particularly as I like to block everything before I join it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I think I’ll need to make 120 squares (scream) so it may be yet another long term project.


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