Katie’s Blanket Progress and Spring Sunshine

I’m right in the middle of university deadlines so last night I didn’t get chance to sit down until 9.30. I wanted to do something while I was slumped on the sofa watching back to back “Find a New Home in the Country Summer Sun” (or something like that) but it had to be something easy. I decided to do some production crochet.

With tired, squinty eyes chunky yarn was the way to go so I made lots of little lavender middles for Katie’s blanket. When I came home this afternoon I couldn’t resist finishing off the ball.



80 including the three I’d already made.  160 ends to darn in!!

This is how much lavender I had left.


When I’d finished I realised the sun had come out so I took the dogs out.  We are so lucky to live a couple of minutes walk from the beautiful Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve on the banks of the River Lynher. Normally dog walking is my exercise so I speed walk but after three days hunched over a computer, the late evening sunshine breaking through the clouds and a lovely fresh breeze blowing, I was in the mood for an amble. I took some really bad iPhone pics – it’s impossible to capture the loveliness of the Reserve but here they are anyway.

Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve

Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve






I hope you’ve had some lovely Spring sunshine to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Katie’s Blanket Progress and Spring Sunshine

  1. Good grief! I just did an extremely sharp intake of breath at the sight of all of those “middles”! Well done you, what patience you have. Rather less patience when it comes to the ends though, if you’re anything like me! Good luck, I can’t wait to see the next stage 🙂

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