Araminta’s Blanket

Here’s another WIP for you.  My daugher-in-law asked me to make a string of crochet bunting for their bedroom and somehow in my head that morphed into making a double bed size blanket to match the bunting. She wanted, pretty, floral and pastel but apart from that has given me free reign to make whatever I like.

I mooched around Pinterest for ages until I came across the Starburst Flower.

It’s often hard to find the source of designs but luckily there is a link in the blog post to this PDF which will take you to the original pattern.

These are the colours I chose – all Stylecraft Special DK.

Stylecraft Special DK Spring Selection

Candyfloss, Spring Green, Lavender, Citron, Shrimp, Apricot, Turquoise, Mocha and Lemon.  I put in the slightly darker lavender and shrimp because I didn’t want it to look washed out.  I hope when it’s finished these colours will give it a little zing.

I’m making it in a logical way. I started with green and pink centres – there are 7 combinations of this pairing.

Starburst Flower from Lisa Robins at

Then I made the green and apricot centres and turned them into squares with white.

Starburst Flower from Lisa Robins at

I’m not sure how I’m going to join them. I think I’ll see how the join as you go method works for Katie’s Blanket and if I like it use it for this as well.

There’s no rush with this one because it’s going to be a Christmas present. Yes, yes, I know we haven’t even had Summer yet and I’m talking about Christmas but let’s face it, this is itsy bitsy squares in double knit so it’s going to be a long-term project.


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