Katie’s Blanket and Wool Shopping

I was all set last night to get lots more done to Katie’s blanket but I underestimated just how much yarn the popcorns take. I’m also joining the squares with Aspen so it doesn’t go very far at all.

I managed 6 popcorns …


… and I joined two squares together before I ran out of yarn.


You can see the wonderful textural quality of popcorns.

Popcorn Cluster by Lisa Robins at lrobins1@wordpress.com

Today was the Yarn Shop Day with 20% discount on all yarns at my local shop but you know those days when you really want to buy something, you have some money to spend and are unaccompanied by bored chidren/OHs?  And then you just can’t find anything you really want to buy.  I had one of those days. It was very busy which was good for the shop but I do like a bit of peace and quiet to have a poke around when I’m there – there was lots of “excuse me”s and “sorry”s as we all squeezed past each other.

I picked up some more of the yarn I need for Katie’s blanket although they were out of stock of white. In a way that’s a good thing because I will concentrate on finishing all the middles and will try to resist buying any white before I have sewn in all the ends.

I also bought the Stylecraft Special shade card which I’ve wanted for some time and they are now stocking for just £2.90. Well worth it for me because I have a terrible habit of throwing yarn bands away and then forgetting what they are! Is that just me?  Here is a very bad picture of it.

Stylecraft Special Colour ChartLook at all those pretty tufts just waiting to be ruffled.  I’m scared to check which colours I don’t have, not because I’m worried about how much yarn I already have but I’ll want to rush straight out and buy all the missing colours.  The thing is, if I haven’t already bought them, it’s probably because I’m not too keen on the colour so why buy it?  Hmmmm?  Just because!!

I also had a rummage through the oddments bin and bought these three gorgeous balls to knit a jumper for my grandson for the winter.  The colours are amazing and scream toddler boy.  I did try and find something for my granddaughter but there was nothing I fancied enough to buy.

Freedom Spirit 100% Wool

After I left the wool shop I popped into our little local produce market and bought a hand raised pork pie from a local rare breeds butcher for Jason and some Tamar Valley strawberries for me.  Yummy.  Soon be fruit picking season.

Local Cornish Produce

I hope you’ve had a productive rainy Saturday.


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