Baby Ripple Blanket

This is a project that I finished a few weeks ago.  A good friend of mine was having a baby and she asked me to make a ripple blanket for her as she liked my chunky ripple blanket so much.  As soon as she found out that it was a boy I raced off to the wool shop to chose the colours.  I find it soooo hard to chose colours for someone else, I was in the shop for about an hour putting together different combinations of blues and greys. I wanted the blanket to be blues but not necessarily baby blues – something that would grow with him – and this is what I chose.

Stylecraft Special DK Blues

All Stylecraft Special DK – white, cloud blue, royal, denim and grey.

This is my second large ripple project and I use a multiple of 12 stitches – 2 increases, 3 treble, 2 decreases, 3 treble. If you are new to ripples they are a really fun project to do.  The first row needs concentration but after that it is so easy to follow and crochets up really quickly.  I used this YouTube tutorial for my first blanket and I would definitely recommend it to ripple newbies.  It’s American so you’ll have to remember our treble crochet is a USA double crochet but they also show you how to crochet into the front loop only to create a rugged ripple – I’m too lazy for that so mine are ruggedless ripples!  I’ve just realised now how similar the colours in the tutorial are to my blanket – purely coincidental though.

I don’t do anything clever to work out how many stitches I need – I just chain stitch loosely counting up to 12 over and over again until it’s the size I want, then crochet 3 more chain for my turning chain.  SImple.

As is my nature when a deadline is months away I take my time but then my friend told me she was going into hospital to be induced so the next 2 days were a frenzy of rippling so I could finish the blanket in time.

Here it is all finished.

Baby Blue Ripple Blanket by Lisa Robins at

As you can see I straightened off the ripples and worked 3 borders around the outside. I did the first border in grey with two trebles into each ripple row, the second is a row of white double crochet and finally a row of trebles in royal.

Baby Blue Ripple Blanket by Lisa Robins at

That white yarn really doesn’t like being photographed!!

It’s lovely to know your present has been well received and here are some pictures of the gorgeous baby snuggled into his blankie.

Baby Blue Ripple by Lisa Robins at


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