Fabricland Haul

Move over Zoella, who needs a Primark Haul when you can go to a Fabricland shop and buy lots of lovely fabric instead.

Fabricland Bristol Fabric Haul

Have you seen the Fabricland website? It’s bonkers! But if you plough through it you can find some good fabric at great prices.  (No they are not sponsoring this post!!)

Do you ever find little thoughts in your head rolling along and collecting other little ideas until they all come together like a huge snowball and then you just have to go for it? Just me?  Anyway a few weeks ago when we had our week of summer teaser weather I decided I HAD TO HAVE some colourful jeggings.  Off I trotted to Primark, fought through the crowds and queued for ages to try some on, unfortunately Primark trousers and I are not a match made in Heaven.  They are so low in the rise that all my wibbly wobbly bits are free to wibbly wobble and that is just not a good look.  So it was off to good old M&S instead.  Twice the price but much better quality and they go all the way up to my natural waist holding in all the bits that nobody but my mirror ever needs to see.  Of course they had so many lovely colours that I couldn’t decide so I blew far too much of my student loan on four pairs.  Oops.

M&S Jeggings

Anyway the whole point of this is that on the way out of the changing rooms I saw this top from Per Una.


Ideal, I thought, for throwing on with my jeggings. Until I saw the price. £19.50. For. A. T-shirt. My next thought was ‘No’, quickly followed by ‘Ooh Fabricland might have some similar fabric’.  And so a little seed was planted.

A few days later my DIL (of Araminta’s Blanket fame) asked if I fancied a trip to Ikea – our nearest is a 2 hour drive away. She wanted a storage unit for toys and the delivery cost was £30.  Ikea, Bristol.  Fabricland, Bristol.  That seed started to germinate. And so our Bank Holiday Monday road trip to Bristol was planned.

I found some lovely white waffle cotton for £3.99/m. Sorry M&S you’ve lost a sale.

White Waffle Cotton Fabric

Some winter white scuba fabric for £1.99/m.

Winter White Scuba Fabric

This end of roll double layer cotton – £3.39 for just over 1.5m.  Am thinking one white top then dye the rest of the fabric for a different look.

White Cotton Fabric

And then inspired by the large florals that were everywhere on the catwalk for ss 2015

Some lovely stretch cotton sateen and some stretch suiting – £11.98 in total. The two colours do match in real life but don’t photograph very well.


I’m thinking a dress like these.

Obviously not so body con due to aforementioned wibbly wobbly bits but along those lines.

And last but not least, I found a small piece of stretch suiting in the remnant bin which accidentally went home with DIL but she’s kindly sent me a picture.  Just enough for a yoke and short kimono sleeve, maybe cut across the grain so the stripes are horizontal.

Stripy Fabric

All I need now is some time to sew.


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