The Princess Charlotte Blanket

A few weeks ago when I was on my late night walk around the block with the dogs I had an idea for a blanket.  I was going to make it in chunky yarn and it was going to be my January project. I even had a name for it – The January Pinks Blanket. I’ve always loved ombre and hearts so I thought combining the two in a snuggly blanket for those gloomy pre-Spring nights would be lovely and it would be ready in time for Valentine’s Day.

Then last Friday I was mooching around the internet looking for yarn for another project that is bubbling around in my head and I went onto to the Deramores website If you haven’t seen it before, it’s well worth a look.  It’s a UK company and the home page is really fresh and inviting plus they have a huge range of products and free delivery on all orders over £25.  I saw they had a competition running and just out of curiosity I had a look. Deramores have invited six bloggers to each come up with a trend forecast; to enter you have to blog about a crochet or knit project using one of the trends.  As I read through the six blogs I couldn’t quite believe that one of the trends was ombre! My January Pinks Blanket would be perfect.

Then I looked at the closing date – Friday 8th May – a week away. Hmmmmm, there was a three day, rainy Bank Holiday weekend ahead of me. Surely I could scale down the project and make something over the weekend? Of course I could. One of the benefits of having a large stash of yarn is that you can start a project at a moments’ notice and that is what I did.

Welcome, The Princess Charlotte Blanket, named in honour of our newest Princess who was born on Saturday.

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

It was a slightly much longer project than I expected but worth the effort.  I picked out six graduating colours – Stylecraft Special DK in soft Peach, Candyfloss, Fondant, Pomegranate and Lipstick, and an unidentified yarn (note to self: must keep yarn bands) in a colour similar to Stylecraft’s Claret with white as the background.

I spent ages fiddling around trying to make a perfect little heart and in the end turned to my Pinterest Board and found a heart granny square from Petals to Picots which I adapted.  I didn’t want the hearts to be part of the granny square, I was aiming for a more textural quality, but the first two round of Kara’s pattern made exactly the heart I wanted. They’re tiny.

Heart by Lisa Robins at

I had originally intended to pick up stitches on the back of the heart to start the granny square but even with a smaller hook the stitches were so close together that I found it impossible to do this without pulling the heart out of shape.  So came Plan B. After I’d made the 30 tiny hearts and sewn all the ends it I made 30 tiny granny squares, and sewed all the ends in. Lots of ends.

Mini Granny Square by Lisa Robins at

Next I joined all the tiny granny squares together with the join as you go method.  I’ve been a bit on the fence about this method and I do find it quite fiddly but, for this project, I really like the raised effect it gives.

Borders next.  One row of double crochet (UK terms) in white to neaten and straighten the edges, two rows of treble crochet in pinks graduating from light to dark, another row of dc in white for the same reason as before, finally a scalloped border to echo the tops of the hearts.  Then I sewed in all the ends.  Lots of ends.

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

Once that was all finished and blocked, I sewed the hearts on with white yarn to keep the back of the blanket neat.

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

And guess what, I sewed in all the ends.  Lots of ends.

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

I pinned and blocked the hearts….

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

….and it was done.  I wanted to take some pictures of the blanket in the garden with my lovely Spring flowers but it’s either been raining or very windy since it was finished but I did manage to take one nice one this afternoon.

The Princess Charlotte Blanket by Lisa Robins at

And lots of not so nice ones!!  Who doesn’t love an outtake.

Princess Charlotte Blanket Outtakes

This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details.


6 thoughts on “The Princess Charlotte Blanket

  1. Girl after my own heart with outtakes! Blanket is adorable! Sympathise with ends, there can be a multitude of them. I want this cute project!!

    • Lol thanks. Katie’s Blanket is sprouting ends at the moment. I’m going to be very disciplined and sew them all in once I’ve finished all the popcorns…..maybe!!

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