Sew Busy

We’re coming to the end of the uni year and, as ever, there is still a huge mountain to climb before the end of term. We’ve handed in all the academic elements and I’ll post a few bits and bobs that you might find interesting over the next few weeks. Now it’s full steam ahead with the practical aspects of the course – sewing, knitting, photography and film making.

I’ve spent whatever time I could spare over the weekend sewing a dress which will, together with five other outfits, be strutting their stuff down the catwalk next month. For this project we were put into groups of three and given an artist to use as inspiration, we each have to make two outfits. Our group was given Ben Nicholson.

1934 (relief)

1934 (relief)

We decided to use his series of reliefs taking the circles, squares and textural quality of the pieces although we are using colour – very bright colour!


Here are some of my sketch book designs. IMG_2069
IMG_2071 IMG_2072

This is an illustration of our group lineup.  My outfits are the second and fourth from the left.

I am starting with the maxi dress. Precision is key as the lines are very simple but must be perfectly executed.  The top of the bodice has been sewn together, lined, flat stitched and top stitched.  I will post some more pictures as it progresses.

Ben Nicholson Dress from

Next to do is the semi-exposed white chunky zip which runs down the back but that needs to wait until I’ve had some sleep.

No crochet this weekend but I hope to squeeze in some work on Katie’s Blanket during the week.


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