It’s All About You

Knitting-Crochet-Blog-Week-6-BadgeToday’s blog post theme is a scary one. It’s all very well to hide behind posts about uni projects, crochet or sewing, with a little snippet about my life, but this is a whole different kettle of fish.

I’ve been thinking about how old I feel. Not my age, that’s for sure, but the fact of the matter is I am ‘getting on a bit’ so here’s a snapshot of my life in photos (cringes slightly).

Baby Pic

Yes it’s the inevitable “naked baby on the rug” picture. Apologies.  I was born in August 1963 and this was taken a few months after that.


This second photograph was taken when I was 9. Look at that jacket!! So 70’s. It was made by my grandmother who was a trained tailoress and worked from home as a dressmaker for most of her life. It was emerald green and my Mum made matching check trousers. And look, a messy bun.  Who knew I was so fashion forward at such an early age.


And so to my teens.  Tall, skinny, blonde, a bit awkward, a bit self-conscious, usual stuff.  Grew out of it thankfully. Love the classic cars, my Mum adored her green Audi, I’m surprised she let me sprawl over the boot like that!

Lisa's 80s

Lisa's Holidays

My twenties were a decade of two halves.  Before meeting my (now ex) husband, I was young, free and single and always out on the town in Bristol. Then in the second half of my 20’s lots of holidays and weekends away.  The 80’s saw the start of my curly hair phase – my hair will never, ever be curly again.  And look at that flat stomach – my stomach will never, ever be that flat again. And who remembers everlasting lipstick from the 80’s (pic on the right)?  Horrible colour and it stayed on for about 3 weeks!!



My thirties were all about having babies and raising my family. What was I thinking with those horrible glasses? Definitely not my best decade fashion-wise but with three children to care for I came pretty far down on the list.


And into my 40’s. Bringing up the children, trying to make ends meet, getting divorced.  That was probably my least favourite decade, it was a hard slog although things improved considerably when I met my partner, Jason, 5 years ago.

Lisa Robins 50th

And finally these last two were taken at my 50th, just under 2 years ago.  On the left is the “partner, mum, daughter and nanny” me on the right the “out with the girls” me at a cocktail party organised by my friends. I made both dresses.  I’m definitely enjoying my 50’s more than any other decade. More time for me, more time for my family, more time for crafting, just more time.

So that’s me though the decades. I still have trouble believing I’m nearly 52 because my mind has not quite caught up with my body!

How old do you feel and what was your best decade?

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