Your Time Your Place

Last day today and you get to see where I work.  As for when, it’s whenever I can.  Crochet tends to be in the evenings with half an eye on the television, patchwork is my summer craft (no idea why) and sewing takes place in the conservatory with all it’s wonderful daylight whenever I have time.  At the moment it’s all about uni projects which I will share with you this week.

Now for some pictures. This is where I crochet – it’s my little corner of the sofa.  I have plans for a standard angle poise lamp that I saw in Ikea to join me in this corner before next Winter.

My corner of the sofa

And this is where I sit to hand sew, embroider and work on my EPP patchwork project which I will show you soon. It’s a wicker sofa that I bought second hand covered with my Easter Log Cabin patchwork which is looking a bit wrinkled because it’s recently been washed and not yet ironed! The cushions are so big and squidgy so it a lovely place to work and so, so light because it’s in the conservatory.

IMG_2144And here is where I sew. The chair accidentally came home with my on my recent Bank Holiday trip to Ikea. I’ve been looking for a new computer chair for the conservatory for ages and when I saw this one I knew it was The One. You can see the wires coming over the edge of the worktop – I haven’t got around to drilling huge holes in the worktop to feed the wires through but it’s on my list for this summer. And the bright yellow thread is for my current unit project.


But this is what the sofa and wicker chair look like most of the time! Phoebe photo bombing….


…..and Frank and his beloved Skunk.


So that’s me.  I hope you have enjoyed this week.  Lot’s to share this coming week so stay posted.

Remember to put 6KCBWDAY7 into your search engine to have a nose into other bloggers’ homes.


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