More Katie’s Blanket

This last week has mostly been about my uni project, lots of sewing with non-apparel fabrics. They do like us to use unusual fabrics – at one point it felt like I was sewing a tent!  We have a photoshoot tomorrow so I’ll write more about it once I have the pictures but here is a sneak preview which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram.

IMG_2155 IMG_2084

In my down time I have been working on Katie’s blanket while watching the Chelsea Flower Show.  Last week the BBC aired a competition for amateur garden designers to win the chance to design and create a garden for Chelsea so that hour every evening became my crochet time. I also worked out properly how many squares I needed and was really pleased to realise that I only need 90 and not the original 120 that I thought.  This will cover Katie’s small double bed without it hanging down too much which gives her easy access to the drawers under her bed and, hopefully, will be too high up for the cat to play with.

Here are all the pink rounds completed together with the 2 squares and 8 greens I had already done.

Katie's Blanket by Lisa Robins at

Katie's Blanket by Lisa Robins at

I’m keeping them in batches of 10 in plastic bags so they don’t get grubby.  This means I can just grab a bag and work my way through without being overwhelmed by all 90.


Tonight I have been knitting a jumper for uni but I’m planning to snatch some time in the morning to start the green popcorns.


And then I guess I’ll have to sew all the ends in – all 540 of them.



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