Photo Shoot

Wow, what an exhausting two days.  Yesterday we had our group photo shoot and today was spent hunched over the computer producing a fashion magazine for one of our modules.

Our collection now has a name – square the circle – and you can see our inspiration and my designs in this post.

We originally planned the photo shoot to be outside but thanks to the great British weather we had to move to a photography studio at uni.  We are absolutely not photography students and it showed. Thankfully one of our models is a first year photography student so she helped us set up the lights and camera. Here are some of pictures – please don’t judge, we did our best!

square the circle collection by Lisa Robins

This is Lucy wearing the dress that I designed and made and a super chunky cropped jumper that I knitted. The white wool is James C Brett’s Amazon Super Chunky from Busy Fingers and the orange is Drops Peak Super Chunky which I bought online from Wool Warehouse

square the circle collection by Lisa Robins

You can also see the bag that I made (very late one night) to match the dress.  The coloured fabrics are bean bag fabric from Fabric UK.  It’s waterproof so I think after the fashion show I’ll use the bag when I go swimming.

square the circle collection by Lisa Robins

The mesh is also from Fabric UK, has absolutely no ease and you can’t press it but it does give a wonderful structure to the dress.

square the circle collection by Lisa Robins

The back of the dress has a 76cm exposed chunky plastic YKK zip.  The lower yellow section was a nightmare to get in and I’m still not happy with it.  I showed it to one of my tutors yesterday and she confirmed that I’ve definitely got to take it out again. Aaaaaaahhhh. It was good enough for the photo shoot though but not good enough for the fashion show.

square the circle collection by Lisa Robins

Here you can see the huge split and the gorgeous lining from Truro Fabrics.  I’ve used yellow for the top of the dress and turquoise for the bottom.  The hem is fully bagged out so no stitching on the outside.

The shoes btw are from Primark – £14 and light as a feather.  I shall be keeping these after the fashion show as well.

Here is a shot of all three models together. The white dress will be the first on the catwalk followed by my top and trousers which are still under construction.  The outfits become more colourful until the final one is fully saturated with no white at all. Hopefully it will look very effective on the catwalk.

square the circle collection

I thought you might like to see some of my iPhone snaps of behind the scenes as well.

square the circle collection Photo Shoot

So that was yesterday. No crochet last night, I was too tired but I did managed to watch the Chelsea Flower Show before I made a start on my magazine – more on that tomorrow.


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