Deadline Dread & Proper Woolly

I wasn’t expecting to take a break from my blog but I find that two weeks before a deadline my stress levels are at maximum. By the time I get to two days before I’m fine again. The adrenaline kicks in, my creativity soars and I can easily put in 14-16 hour days without a problem.

There is loads I want to blog about and the words are tumbling around in my head but they keep being swatted away by deadline dread.

The summer break is tantalisingly close and I’m so excited to have the time for things I love. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my course but doing something I have to do is never as pleasurable as doing something I want to do.

Anyway, moaning over, we had two wonderful pieces of news this week AND we have booked a holiday, so I have lots of reasons to sew all most some of my fabric stash soon which, of course, will mean some more fabric buying to fill the void!

On a much brighter note I won tickets for Proper Woolly this weekend and I’m Proper Chuffed.

Proper Wooly Logo

It’s an event at Holsworthy Livestock Market in North Devon for fibre artists and suppliers.  Look at the workshops they have:

  • Colour Blending on a Drum Carder
  • Dorset Buttons
  • Fleece Sorting for Spinners
  • Knitting with Unspun Silk
  • Magic Loop Flower Phone Case
  • Needle Felting
  • Spinning on Drop Spindles
  • Three Loop Bracelet featuring I-cord
  • Waldorf Fairies
  • Wet felting
  • Wild Weaving
  • Yorkshire Buttons

How exciting.

They are also going to have Alison Murray’s knitted gingerbread house there which looks amazing.

Alison Murray's Gingerbread House

So yes I know it’s the weekend before my deadline, and yes I know I have tons of work to do, and yes I know it’s not a great idea to take a whole day off, but guess what, I’m going anyway!  Expect lots of pictures soon.


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