Birthday Tea

Today is my youngest’s (of Katie’s Blanket fame) 13th birthday so another day of no uni work (sigh). She had two friends for a sleepover last night, although it was more of a giggle over and today the family came over for afternoon tea.

It’s lovely to have everyone together, Jason – my OH, my Mum, my son and DIL and my two grandchildren. My older daughter even managed a quick FaceTime from Thailand which was lovely. 

I spent all morning baking, icing and making mini sandwiches. 


Finger sandwiches


Mini chocolate buns with chocolate icing


Strawberry buns with vanilla buttercream


Lemon buns with lemon water icing


I did cheat and buy the scones. I usually use a recipe from the first GBBO cook book but I was tired and running out of time so I bought some from a local bakery and warmed them up. No one noticed! The cakes stands are reversible cardboard ones from Wilko which are really sturdy and so pretty. 

Katie is obsessed with 5 Seconds of Summer so she wanted a tally on her cake. I know, don’t ask, she’s a teenager! The cake is a Betty Crocker red velvet which is her favourite and requires very little effort from me with cream cheese and chocolate fudge icing. I piped the tally onto parchment paper with melted chocolate and lifted it onto the cake when it had set. 

We’re having typical South West spring days at the moment, overcast until the evening and then glorious so my DIL and I took the dogs for a walk on Dartmoor this evening and now I’m watching BBC One Hit Wonders on BBC4 and making a mental list of what I need to do tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a pair of white suede trousers to show you by the end of the day. 


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