Elvis has left the building

Today was all about white suede trousers.  In our collection of six outfits, this is the second.


The top is already made but for some reason I forgot to take any photographs of it before I took it into uni. I will take some pics this week.

When I made a toile of the trousers from calico they hung beautifully and fitted the mannequin perfectly.  Originally they were going to have mesh at the bottom but it is so stiff it would have made the trouser legs stand out so I decided not to include it. The white fabric is a polyester suede not intended for garments but, hey, I’m doing a fashion degree – we push boundaries!

The orange circles were firstly going to be patches – too difficult to get neat with the fabric we are using, then patch pockets – too difficult to get to lay flat with the fabric we are using. I decided to alter my pattern to include a full circle of orange on each side. Here are the pattern pieces.

Front trouser pattern with cut out circle in side seam

Front trouser pattern with cut out half circle in the side seam – 1cm seam allowance added

Pattern piece for orange circle - 1cm seam allowance

Pattern piece for orange circle – 1cm seam allowance added

I sewed and overlocked the side seams closed and then slowly, very slowly, stitched the orange circle into the hole using my walking foot.  I had to ease the white fabric slightly but managed to get both sides in without puckering.  I overlocked the two edges together and then top stitched in orange, again with my beloved walking foot.


After that it was a quick make – inside legs sewn and overlocked closed before sewing the front crutch seam. There will be an invisible zip in the back.  I could have finished the trousers today but I didn’t have time couldn’t be bothered to go to the shop to buy the zip.  This is how the back looks at the moment!


There will be a facing around the waist and the hems will be finished once I’ve tried them on someone (skinnier than me) with the white shoes to make sure they are the right length. This is how they look at the moment.

IMG_2216Remind you of anyone?



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