Proper Oasis

So as I struggle through the desert that is the week before deadline where there is no life, little sustenance and even less sleep. I stumbled across a Proper Oasis in the form of the Proper Woolly show in Holsworthy, Devon. I mentioned in my last post that I won two free tickets and to be honest if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have gone because of all the work I still have to do. However I did go and I am really glad I made the effort.

I took my daughter Katie and I know that my Mum and my DIL would have enjoyed it too but (a) apart from her birthday on Monday I haven’t spent a minute with Katie this half term and (b) I’m too exhausted to think about the logistics to getting us all together and up there. So sorry Mum and Ara – next year we’ll all go. Katie and I jumped in the car this morning in glorious sunshine and off we went.

First stop was the full size knitted gingerbread house which is amazing. Pics do not do it justice but here are some anyway.

Even the chair has been yarn bombed!

Even the chair and table have been yarn bombed!

Look at those biscuits

Look at those sweets, almost good enough to eat.

Cute Cakes

Cute Cakes

If you want to find out more about this fantastic project have a look here.

For anyone interested in artisan yarn this is definitely the place to visit. Wool from animals as far apart as The Shetland Islands to the Falkland Islands was available.

IMG_2248And the colours, oh the colours.

IMG_2250IMG_2251IMG_2252I was very restrained and didn’t buy any wool. I went there with the intention of buying some but I’m not very good as buying unless I have a specific project in mind or I just can’t resist. There was a huge amount of beautiful 4ply sock weight yarns and I really want to try sock making but I have too many other WIPs to get through before I launch into something I’ve never tried before. Another craft I’ve never tried is needle felt and, again, there was a lot of lovely materials but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any.

But did I come home empty handed? No I did not.

I bought this gorgeous needle felt framed picture to add to my collection of seaside themed ‘things’.

IMG_2257And this stunning pin cushion. Yes I know I could make one myself but I could make a lot myself that I never actually make. This is made from pure linen and topped with linen yarn crochet and it is the most beautiful object I have seen in ages.

IMG_2256Also this cute little bag to keep my ‘on the go’ crochet project neat and tidy. At £4 I just couldn’t say no.

IMG_2259IMG_2260Finally a couple of pics for the foodies. Some artisan bread – sun dried tomato and garlic – and four sticks of ultra creamy fudge.

IMG_2261IMG_2254All in all a good day out and a much needed break. If you can get to North Devon tomorrow it’s well worth a visit.

Oh and for those of you not from the UK or even the South West a little explanation of the Cornish term “Proper”.

What it usually means: What your mother wants you to get instead of joining a band.
What it means in Cornwall: Something good has happened.



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