Jean Paul Gaultier, Grand Palais, Paris

I’m in Paris this week on a short but sweet city break with my Mum. Today as part of our hectic schedule we went to the Grand Palais on the Champs-Élysées to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. One word – AMAZING. 

This is a photo heavy post but still only a fraction of the amount I took. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures – the clothes were incredible but the staging took my breath away. 

The first room gives you an introduction of the man himself, family photos that have never been shown before together with some sketch book pages and the things that inspired him to become a designer. 


In the next section things start to get really bizarre. Projectors disguised as lights project images of models’ moving faces into the mannequins. Here is a video I took of one of the mannequins. 

The faces look so real and some of them even talk.

In the next room, The Odyssey, focuses on the sailor and the siren. The lighting is blue and the room is dark so the pictures aren’t great.


The detail in his clothing is incredible, just look at the back of this top.


Next is my favourite section, Punk Cancan. A moving catwalk with garments inspired by Parisian elegance dominates the centre of the room. 


On one side of the room are the most amazing punk fashion garments. I know I’m overusing the words amazing and incredible but I don’t know what else to say – it was amazing and incredible!!


More lifelike mannequins.

And the detail, just look at the detail.



On the other side of the room was the front row of the catwalk show with mannequins designed to be instantly recognised. See if you can work out who they are. Answers at the end of the post. 



Onto Muses, Gaultier is known for his use of androgynous, transgender and transvestite models and, of course, his Madonna bra.



 And still the exhibition continues. Outfits designed for pop stars including Kylie and Beth Ditto.


And on to corsets.


And my personal favourite which I have named the Harvest Festival corset.


Real wheatsheafs!!

The next room was about nudity and eroticism most of which I can’t put on this blog without an adult only rating but here is a little taster.


And so it continues – 175 mannequins in total. 

Loved this fusion of Marie Antionette and cable knit.


Loved EVERYTHING about the Urban Jungle Room particularly the grey knit dress and the camouflage dresses. Actually just loved everything.




And just look at this hat. It’s not very clear from the picture but what looks like a full length veil is actually the hat.


Last, but not least, a section on wedding dresses with boobies out of course!

As well as all this gorgeousness there were photographs, illustrations and posters on all the walls, here’s my favourite.

Oh and the shoes, let’s not forget the shoes. As someone who did ballet for many years these have to have a special mention.

In case you haven’t already guessed I thought this exhibition was really good, in fact the best I’ve ever seen. And even better it’s only €13 to get in. Our lovely waitress this evening told us that Jean Paul Gaultier said about the entrance price, “The wealthy can afford my clothes but I want my exhibition to be affordable for everyone.”  That may not be the exact quote but you get the general idea.

In my opinion he is a genius, his designs, his draping, his detailing, all beyond my imagination. 

And the celebrities … Conchita Wurst, Dita Von Teese, Grace Coddington and Amy Winehouse of course.


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