Oh So Sample! Blanket 1 – 10

I really enjoy having a project that I can pick up and put down easily. My Oh So Sample! blanket is one of those projects.

I also wanted to work with a different (for me) colour palette, I’m very much a ‘pastels’ or ‘brights’ kind of girl so I went to Busy Fingers one day and put together what I think is a pleasing selection of Stylecraft chunkys:

Copper – Meadow – Raspberry – Parchment – Denim


The raspberry is looking much more pink than it is, think crushed raspberries rather than fushia.

The idea of the blanket is Oh So Simple, using only these five colours and making each granny different. The squares are coming out at about 6½” give or take a little ease. They are going together in rows of 5 and I’ll carry on until it’s as long as I’m happy with.

What makes it such an easy project it’s like making lots of micro blankets, I can have a mooch around on the internet, find a square I like the look of and if that’s the only one I have time for, all good but if I have more time I can make another one (or two).

Here are the first ten squares with a link below the picture to the source apart from one which I can’t find. I’ll add it when I do. I am finishing each square with raspberry and then joining them together using slip stitches into the back loop of the final rounds. Some of them look a little wonky but they will straighten up when they are joined together.




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