Oh So Sample! blanket 11 – 15

I’m finding it really easy to make squares for this blanket. During the day I’m doing really physical work re-designing my front garden so in the evenings, after a much needed shower and hair wash, I’m happy to slump on the sofa with the dogs, watch something easy going on TV and make a up few squares.

A quick note about working with chunky yarn. I find it needs quite aggressive blocking especially for this blanket as each square is different so the sizes are coming out slightly different. I always steam block chunky because I don’t find spraying it effective enough.


This picture shows some squares being blocked on my ironing board. I use glass headed pins and push them in so they are about 1 cm above the work. Then I use my steam iron held lightly on the pin heads to blast them with steam. Having the pins there means I never accidentally touch the crochet with my iron which would be bad!! I leave them pinned to the ironing board until they are dry and then they are flat and square and perfect.

So today’s squares are:

We have a busy day tomorrow but I plan to sew these five together and then sew the row to the blanket before I start any new squares.


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