Frustrating Festival Fun blanket

You know everyone has times when things really don’t go to plan? Well I’m having one of those times but I won’t let it defeat me.

As I mentioned in a previous post I was going to leave the Oh So Sample! blanket for a while and do some sewing. Now I know I’m in the middle of a fashion degree and that means lots of sewing but I wanted to do some nice sewing. Some pretty sewing. Some easy sewing. Sewing with fabric designed for sewing. You get the gist.

Since having a little granddaughter to sew for – although for the record I haven’t actually sewn anything for her yet – I’ve been collecting pretty little fabric scraps with the intention of making some pretty little fabric dresses. So last week saw me in the conservatory opening my box of scraps with expectation and excitement which quickly turned to lots of huffing and puffing. Although I’ve collected the fabric because I like it there was nothing there that I wanted to sew with. I was pulling pieces out and putting them together trying to find some inspiration but it just wasn’t coming. *sigh* In the end I decided to re-cut a dress that I had started a few years ago.

You know that “blink of any eye moment” when your child changes from someone who will happily wear whatever you buy/make to one with their own mind! Well I bought two co-coordinating fabrics to make Katie a summer dress just before the “blink” but by the time I had cut out the fabric she declared that she wouldn’t be seen dead in something so babyish so it was consigned to the UFO box. One of prints is a little big for a toddler dress but I did think it would make something nice anyway.


You may have noted the use of the word “think” because it’s still not finished. All was going well, I adapted a basic pattern that I’ve used before (I’ll blog about how I adapted the pattern very soon), cut out the fabric, went to the cupboard to pull out some interfacing and that’s when I remembered. I’d had a tidy up of that cupboard a few weeks ago and noticed all the interfacing that I had left was little odds and ends no use to anyone so I’d hurled the lot in the bin with the intention of restocking. Of course I’d completely forgotten to restock and and it was already early evening so nowhere was open to buy any.

Soooo annoying.

I was standing in the conservatory surrounded by discarded pretty little fabric scraps and scrunched up pieces of pattern paper thinking about what to do instead when the Festival Fun blanket started to stare accusingly at me.

Oh, Hi Festival Fun blanket. Yes I know I started you last year and yes I know I promised you to Bethany before the festival season this year and yes I really do know that she’s going to a festival in two weeks, but remember? You went wrong and I HATE undoing things.


You see those square spirals? They look quite flat in the picture but in fact they are most definitely not flat. They are like five little boobies running across the blanket. And I knew they weren’t right but I still carried on. Why? I have no idea.

Rewinding a little I was inspired totally copied this idea from one of my Pinterest boards and it all started well with 5 granny squares joined and then a strip of ripple. And then it all went horribly wrong, was flung over the back of the chair and ignored. Until now.


I decided to get over my hatred of undoing and sort the blanket out so I could finish it. I tried to carefully undo it but it just wasn’t happening so you see the bright pink granny stripe in the picture?


I just cut it all the way across. It soon undid after that. Of course it left me with lots of little loops of the baby blue so I quickly double crocheted across the loops to stop any further undoing. Then I could take the square spirals apart and sort them out. I just pulled back each colour to the previous corner, re-blocked them fairly aggressively and sewed them back together. Much better. I whizzed a quick row of dc across them all in the same colour I’d used on the baby blue and then slip stitched them back together. Much easier and quicker than I’d anticipated.


I was on a roll so I spent two (yes two) hours sewing in all the pesky ends. I ended up with a back together blanket without five little boobies and two piles of yarn bits, some straight, some curly. Cute.


The next day I was really motivated so I made up 5 more squares to add after the granny stripe and then had a look around the internet for an interesting stripe and found this.

I didn’t get chance to do anything to it over the weekend because Jason was home and we were social butterflies but this afternoon after a lovely day with my friend and gorgeous soon-to-be Godson, I found myself with two hours home alone time so I settled on the sofa with a line of yarn balls and went into a frenzy of shell crocheting. Happy happy me. Until….

Yes, of course there’s an until. I put the blanket on the table so the dogs didn’t snuggle into it while I was picking Katie up and I noticed that the shell rows are GROWING. But not in a good way. The sides are growing outwards. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.


It looks like I’ll be undoing all my hard work today and starting the shell rows all over again. Did I mention I hate undoing …..


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