Crochet in Cumbria

Katie and I have decamped from Cornwall to Cumbria for a couple of weeks. My lovely partner Jason lives and works in Barrow-in-Furness which is at the south western tip of the gorgeous Lake District so we’re lucky to have a base here.

The journey up was, as usual, horrendous. Traffic jam after traffic jam but on a positive note we stopped at Gloucester Services which is amazing – like a hobbit house filled with local artisan foods. Here is a picture of the breads on sale.


I really like Barrow although it’s struggling with lack of employment opportunities, it’s full of wonderful rows of red brick Victorian houses and has the most beautiful park. On our first day the ever present rain eased and a watery sun appeared in the sky so Katie and I went for a walk in the park. The scent of the roses was beautiful and the beds of dahalias are starting to burst into flower.

It made me excited to see my dahalias when I get back home.

There were some very inquisitive geese – or maybe they were just looking for some bread!

Crochet wise, I’ve left the Festival Fun blanket at home because it’s driving me mad I would have needed to bring all my dk yarn up with me. It has progressed a little although I was too busy to take a picture before I left.

I have Katie’s blanket here with me instead. Of course I wasn’t too busy to squeeze in a quick visit to my local wool warehouse to pick up the white for the next stage of the blanket.


I do love coming up here, Katie and I have long lie ins, leisurely breakfasts and fun girly days. We also get to spend every evening with Jason and I usually get lots of crochet done. I say usually because yesterday I had a little accident. I was trying to open the conservatory door which was sticking. I’m not sure exactly what happened but as I pushed the door I caught the knuckle of my right index finger and sliced it partly off. Don’t worry, no picture! 

I have to say that Katie was amazing, she did exactly what I asked and wasn’t even fazed by the blood and there was a lot of blood. Luckily there is a pharmacy around the corner so I went there and they dressed it for me. It’s already feeling much better, how amazing is the healing power of the human body. 

Surprisingly I can still crochet albeit while looking a little silly with one bandaged finger sticking up in the air. The white yarn is looking very nice and makes the centres really pop. 

I have found one reject through, can you see what’s wrong with it? 



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