Stott Park Bobbin Mill

We woke up this morning to gorgeous sunshine and set off along the coast road to Ulverston.

I was dragging a reluctant Katie to an historic bobbin mill. I’m old enough to remember wooden cotton reels like these and I knew I would find it interesting to see where they were made. I just hoped Katie would too.


Stott Park is gloriously picturesque.

The guided tour was fascinating and appalling in equal measures. Workers started aged 8, were taken from the workhouse and worked 12 hours days in the dusty, cold mill using really scary looking machinery. I am aware that in some countries children are still working in these conditions and I think it’s heartbreaking that children miss out on their childhoods. My children are so lucky and I’m glad they appreciate it.

Aside from that it was a great tour and the guide demonstrated several of the machines. This was a huge industry in the area supplying bobbins to the cotton mills in Lancashire. Now I really want to visit a cotton mill to see where they ended up.

I tried to take pictures of the lathes working but they spin so fast I only managed to get this one.

 I took plenty to take other pictures though.

I didn’t realise that different bobbin shapes were used for different things such as cotton, linen and wire. The green thread in the picture above is linen and the black below to the right is wire.

During WW2 bobbin making was a reserved occupation and the mill made toggles for naval uniforms, rope ladder rungs for US Liberty Ships and fork and spade handles for the Land Army!

I’m pleased to say that Katie enjoyed it as well.



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