Cumbrian Capers

Just to be clear I’m talking capers as in the Famous Five having a spiffing time rather than little green pearls of yummyness that you have with fish.

On Friday we took the local train and rattled off to Whitehaven 90 minutes up the coast from Barrow. They sky was moody grey but the scenery was stunning although I didn’t see much of it. At the station Katie had declared her intention to plug herself into her phone for the journey so I rushed into the station shop and grabbed a book to read. It was a real page turner and I read it all the way up, at the station waiting for the delayed train home, on the journey home and all evening until I had finished it so I would definitely recommend it. 

Whitehaven is a cute but slightly down at heel town which was a major port in the 17th and 18th centuries exporting local coal and importing goods such as sugar, tobacco and rum. 

We went to see The Rum Story museum and the minute we walked in I knew it was going to be good. It follows the story of rum from the Antiguan plantations through to it’s arrival in Whitehaven. I was still feeling a little emotional about the child labour we’d heard about at the bobbin museum so I found the slavery section very hard going. Katie had learnt about it recently at school so she was reeling off facts and figures that would have had me sobbing into my school desk. We both really enjoyed it and adults even get a free taster of rum afterwards! I bought a miniature bottle for Jason as it was Black Tot Day.

After all that education we were ready for some fish & chips although I skipped the chips and had proper Northern mushy peas instead. So tasty.

The harbour was regenerated a few years ago and was the perfect place to walk off our lunch.

There are little fish set into the pavements, a huge fish sculpture and a series of rope knots which I loved.


On Saturday we went to Barrow indoor market which has TWO fabric stalls, TWO massive haberdashery stalls and a HUGE wool stall. I didn’t buy anything because I’m feeling a bit bogged down with unfinished projects at the moment but I guiltily took a couple of sneaky pics.

I’m working on Katie’s blanket slowly and loving the white.  30 squares down, 60 to go. Plus all the ends to sew in!



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