Missing in Action

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post but it feels like days.

When I finished the Festival Fun Blanket I suffered from creative fatigue for a while. Finishing a big project is like finishing a good book, sometimes you need a little time to reflect and recharge before you start something new – or in my case continue with one of my many UFOs!

Here’s a quick round up of my life since FFB was finished.


View from our apartment

View from our apartment

This was the first time that Jason and I had been away on our own together and my first holiday without children for 22 years so you can imagine the excitement. One whole week without responsibility, without whinging, without huffing and puffing and raised eyebrows. One whole week without a teenager in tow. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, but those teenager year are a real trial for everyone so it was a much needed break.

There was food …


and drink ….


and belly dancing …


a dust storm …


para sailing …..


but most of all there was time, and peace, and calm and smiles.



And then it was back to reality and a week of frantic shopping, packing, consoling and last minute good byes as my older daughter and middle child was off to Sheffield Hallum University to study Events Management.

With the car packed to the roof we set off for a weekend in Sheffield to settle her into her student accommodation. Jason came over on the train from Cumbria and met us there. The weekend was in equal parts, stressful, fun, stressful, sad, stressful, and tiring but we survived, partly fortified by the sharing platter at Smoke BBQ in Sheffield. Vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians please look away now.


Yes that is all meat and what you can’t see in the picture are the “sides” that we ordered as well *hangs head in shame*.


Last week was my Mum’s birthday and I always try and arrange something nice to do. We are very lucky to live right on the edge of the River Tamar and boats trips run from Plymouth to Calstock in Cornwall. Because the Tamar is tidal they only run four times a month and luckily one trip was on her birthday. The Tamar is beautiful and although we had some rain showers we were blessed with some glorious sunshine as we arrived in Calstock.




I’d pre-ordered a seafood platter at the pub which is right next to the river – because of the tides you only have an hour in Calstock. When we got back to Plymouth there was just time for a Kelly’s Cornish ice cream before we came back to my house for birthday tea with Katie. It was a lovely day.


Every year there is a huge craft fair near Exeter which is about an hour’s drive “up country” and my Mum and I try and get there. It’s so interesting to see how the popularity of crafts changes – a few years ago it was all about card making, some years there are lots of buttons and some years there is very little fabric. This year there was lots of fabric, although I didn’t buy any and so many beautiful cross stitch kits. Yes, I know, cross stitch is very 80s and it’s popularity has certainly waned in recent years but it’s back. It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s way more beautiful. My Mum bought herself a kit and while she was paying one caught my eye and it was so cute that she bought it for me for Christmas. I know I won’t have time to make it until after I graduate so I’m happy to wait for it.

VW Fun 15Bri15Con small

It’s from Bothy Threads and I love everything they have on their site – check it out – you will be inspired to pick up that aida.


I have been squeezing in some crochet. Bethany asked for a warm scarf for Sheffield as us lily-livered southerners don’t like the cold. While we were in Wilkinson’s buying towels, duvets, pillows and other exciting things some yarn caught her eye. When I saw it was mega-chunky I was more than happy to get it. Size 10 crochet hook. Yes please.


Of course mega-chunky + huge crochet hook means each ball only last for a few rows so tomorrow I have to buy two more balls and then it will be ready to post to the frozen north.

I’ve also been working on Katie’s Blanket because she had a little mutter about how I was starting another new project before her blanket was finished. My resolution to complete all the squares before I joined has gone out the window because it’s so tedious so I’m doing a little squaring, a little sewing in the pesky ends and a little joining together.

I should learn not to leave anything warm and snuggly lying about because in the blink of an eye this happened tonight.


Two beds each and they still prefer my blankets.

So that was my month, how was yours?


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